2018 Easter Order Form

Easter Bulb Availability

As of 2/22/18:  We are sold out of all Easter Lilies.  We still have beautiful bulbs and flowering plants available as well as double stem Asiatic Lilies.  Existing orders are confirmed, thank you for placing your orders early.

Lilies Sizes: 6″ Pot Single Stem, Double Stem, Triple Stem, 4 Stem, 5 Stem
Mums Sizes: 6″, 10″
Colors: Pink, Purple, White, Yellow
Cineraria Sizes: 6″
Senetti Baby Colors: Deep Blue, Lt Blue Bicolor, Magenta, Magenta Bicolor
Regal Geranium Sizes: 6″
(Martha Washington) Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, White
Pansies Sizes: 1801(3.5″)
Matrix Series Colors: Blue, Clear Mix, Daffodil Mix, Purple, White, Yellow
Osteos Sizes: 4.5″ Pot
Hyacinths Sizes: Single, 3 Bloom, 5 Bloom, 8 Bloom
Colors: Blue, Pink, White
Tulips Sizes: 3 Bloom, 6 Bloom, 9 Bloom, 15 Bloom
Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
Daffodils Sizes: 4.5″ Pot, 6″ Pot, 8″ Pot

Our last day for Easter delivery is Friday, 3/30/18. Order minimum for delivery is $400. Delivery charge is $35. Please be present to to receive delivery. Customer pick ups are welcomed between 8am – 4pm Monday-Friday.