2017 Easter Order Form

Lilies Sizes: 6″ Pot Single Stem, Double Stem, Triple Stem, 4 Stem, 5 Stem
Mums Sizes: 6″, 10″
Colors: Pink, Purple, White, Yellow
Cineraria Sizes: 6″ & 10″
Senetti Baby Colors: Blue Bicolor, Magenta, True Blue
Regal Geranium Sizes: 6″
(Martha Washington) Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, White
Pansies Sizes: 1801(3.5″)
Matrix Series Colors: Blue, Clear Mix, Purple, White, Yellow, Daffodil Mix, Red Blotch
Osteos Sizes: 4.5″ Pot, 6″ Pot
Hyacinths Sizes: Single, 3 Bloom, 5 Bloom, 8 Bloom
Colors: Blue, Pink, White
Tulips Sizes: 3 Bloom, 6 Bloom, 9 Bloom, 15 Bloom
Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
Daffodils Sizes: 4.5″ Pot, 6″ Pot, 8″ Pot

Our last day for Easter delivery is Thursday, 4/13/17. Order minimum for delivery is $400. Delivery charge is $35. Please be present to to receive delivery. Customer pick ups are welcomed between 8am – 4pm Monday-Friday.